Bill Jacobs

Clinical Counselor

Gardnerville, Nevada

Welcome to my counseling website. I specialize in treating PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief. Addiction and urge reduction treatment comprises additional elements of my practice. I work with people from middle school age through adulthood. If you want to make an appointment or learn more, you can reach me at my mobile line, (505) 379-0810.

Note: We are currently seeing people over Zoom. This approach provides the following advantages:

  • The safety of one’s own home
  • No need to go anywhere or dress up
  • No need for transportation
  • Saves time
  • Fully encrypted connection
  • Easy to set up Zoom sessions
  • Solid results for most people
  • Approach – Approach and methods of helping

  • Services – Services offered and issues treated

  • AboutExperience and education

  • Starting –  How to get started with therapy

  • Contact – How to contact me

My Approach

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